Wednesday, September 15, 2010

little grey cells

Everybody loves a good murder, so everyone who is anyone is celebrating the 120th birthday of the Grand Dame of Mystery. There's even an official logo:

  • London hotels that once boasted Christie as a guest are having special teas.
  • ITV is having an Agatha Christie marathon all weekend
  • BBC4 has commissioned three new radio dramatizations to play this week
  • Even Google is in on it, quite cleverly too:

I decided the best way I could celebrate was by exercising my little grey cells by setting my

to work on my dissertation for a few hours.


Of course, I also took a lunchtime walk through

then rode home on the

After that, I murdered a delicious stuffed pork chop and washed it down with some non-alchoholic

which pretty much killed every last ounce of productivity in me, so now I've no choice but to head off to bed in my 8'x10' little room.

Because as Poirot always says, "There are those who have to exercise their little grey cells and some who lock people in them."

Apparently, I can do both.


Adriane said...

I LOVE you. I always knew we were best friends for a reason. This is AWESOME.

Sarah said...

Awe. Agatha Christie is a genius. I love all her work. I refuse to believe Hercule Poirot is just a fictional character.

Julie said...

Incidently, I happen to be doing a paper on dead celebrity rights to publicity... and one of my cases involves Miss Christie's heirs brining suit over their right to exploit her image and likeness in a biography. Haha. I'm so lame!