Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fernando Caba"lego"

Feña turned twenty-five on Sunday, so we had a big party with his family.

Question: What does a brother-in-law with a quarter-century under his belt want for his birthday?

Answer: Muchos lego sets and mas muchos Toys R' Us gift cards to buy mas mas muchos lego sets, of course.

And a form to legally change his last name to reflect his passion.

Luckily Taylor drew the line at that one.

Friday, November 21, 2008

vocal point

I apologize for the quality of this pic, I took it with my phone. I'd like to point out the lack of heads in the foreground though.

That's right. Annie scored us front row seats.

I now know how the beatboxer projects all the glottal stop base beats (really cool). And that they all make really funny faces. And that those stage lights are really hot. Yep, we could really see them.

They could really see us too. Which made taking this pic really awkward...


Thursday, November 20, 2008

you're welcome*

i had the weirdest thought today whilst draining a can of tuna.

it reminded me of the strangest thing.

it was kinda gross though.

actually, really gross.

so i'm not going to share.

consider it my gift to you.

*BELIEVE me. you'd say "THANKS."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Normal is...

...getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it. -Ellen Goodman

Well, Ellen, I'm not normal.

Let me explain.

So this one time, I haven't blogged for a while, and I apologize. In the past month, I:

Quit my job,
Quit commuting,
and Quit sleeping.
Started a new job,
Started working from home,
and Started some mega-freelance projects.
Practically totalled my car,
Practically planned out the next year of my life,
and Practically live in my pajamas.

It's been one heck of a ride (and not just the part where I spun out of control on the freeway), and I promise that as soon as I catch my breath and things go back to normal I'll tell you ALL about it.

Until then, "normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine." -Whoopi Goldberg