Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today there's a 60% chance of snow, a 40% chance your umbrella will leak, and a 30% chance your hair spray will turn to syrup.

This is what the view outside my office window looks like right now:

And I'm pretty sure this is what it looked like yesterday...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

“I got my hair highlighted, because I felt some strands were more important than others.”

Actually, no I didn't. But this is a post about hair.

One time, my computer imploded, and while I was waiting for the repairs, I picked up a magazine to pass the time:

Now Rachel Bilson isn't one of my favorite actresses; in fact, I thought Jumper was lame-sauce. She is one of my celebrity matches, however, so I found myself giving her a little bit more attention.

Did you ever notice that she almost always parts her hair in the middle? I never do that. But I thought she looked kinda cute, and since we're VL (vague look-alikes (and I use vague in the broadest sense of the word (and I totally got your attention with that, didn't I?))), I decided to experiment a bit:

Conclusion: I felt like a seventies throwback all day, but that might have been my denim trousers and paisley top...


Friday, March 21, 2008

"The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain." -Aristotle

You know that soreness you sometimes get after a good workout? The kind that's just a little bit painful, but strangely feels kind of good too, because it's proof you pushed your body just that little bit harder? Yeah, I have a little bit of that from our annual Intrepid snow day up at Daniel's Summit Lodge. It's awesome (:

Unfortunately, however, it's kind of overshadowed by the lotta bit painful soreness due to rolling my snowmobile in not-so-fresh powder. Oops.

So I may not be an Aristotle, but in the words of Brian Regan, "Good job, Einstein!"


Thursday, March 13, 2008

West Valley

Sometimes, things just give me the winning face for days and days. This is such a time:

So as most of you know, I work for a PR agency and our bread and butter is getting coverage of our clients. Luckily, we are good at this, so can afford bakery bread and real butter. Er...anyway, when we get a sizable hit in a newspaper or magazine, we pick up a few extra copies to send to our clients, as well as one to archive for our own sense of satisfaction. Usually, we have the extra copies mailed to us, but from time to time we get a tight deadline so we go pick them up from the various publishers. For this reason, I had to go pick up some papers from the Deseret News offices which are (of course) in the BACK OF BEYOND, West Valley. The only things that go further west are Italian suits in late model sedans with empty guns and full trunks headed to the West Desert. Seriously.

Anyway, as I was heading back to civilization (with the wheels on my car going round and round, round and round, round and round) I realized I was almost out of gas (again) and so I stopped at a Maverick. I bought a car wash with my gas because my car was nasty with salt; only the car wash wouldn't work when I tried it, so I went inside to get a refund.

And that's when I locked my keys in the car.

Luckily I had my cell phone and wallet with me, so I called AAA. They said they would be at least 45 minutes (since I was SOOOOO far out in the middle of nowhere.) So I settled down to wait.

After a few minutes, the cashier of the gas station came out of the back with a wire hangar to try to jimmy the lock just to pass the time as we were waiting, but that didn't work.

So a nice old man with his twenty-something girlfriend came with some sort of wire thing and tried for about half an hour with no luck.

Then two nice young men named Jose and Manuel tried with their SWITCH BLADES. Nope.

Enter Jamal and his cousin with a hangar and a screwdriver and really loud East Coast Rap. No dice.

Finally, Leon went home and got a slim jim.

And nothing worked. And the slim jim works on CORVETTES for crying out loud.
(I'm not supposed to tell though.)

So, moral of the story: If you live in West Valley, invest in a Subaru (:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

housewarming party

for those of you not on facebook, here is THE event of the weekend (:

One move saved us 15% in gas bills. Come check it out!

Tours will be given every 45 seconds. Highlights include:
*The strange European cigarette smoke permeating our front porch
*Our sad and sickly elephant leaf plant
*Kimmy's valentines on the fridge
*Our steal-of-a-deal washer and dryer
*Meagan's embarrassingly large and embarrassingly girly DVD collection
*Some fantastic culinary creations

So stay for a little, stay for a lot. Our AC deserves to come out in style...

From Provo: These are the directions from my old house, so just skip to the I-15 step. (Or start at my house, my parents won't mind...)

Once you get to Turnberry we're in the 3rd building on your right, the last staircase before the basketball courts.

From SLC: Head south on 13th East and look for a left turn into the Turnberry parking lot right before you hit 4500 South. We're in the 3rd building on your right, the last staircase before the basketball courts.

You can park in any uncovered parking spots in the complex, but the safest bet might be to snag a spot on 13th and just walk in...

Monday, March 03, 2008

What a zit?

What's big and red and shiny and guaranteed to knock your ego down a few pegs?

After 3+ years, I finally got a new cell phone. Now all I've got to figure out is how to work it...