Friday, January 07, 2011

Flashback Friday: London Calling

So remember that one time I lived in England? I do, it seems like it was just twenty-four days ago.


I don't mean that time. I'm mean the time before that time.

Well, this week marks the five-year anniversary of the beginning of that best decision of my life, so I wanted to give a quick shout out to all the awesome friends I made and a nod of thanks for all of the amazing, life-changing things I experienced from January through April 2006. If you look at any of my posts from that time, I think it's obvious we rocked the Argyle socks off London. (Then London rocked the Argyle sweater off Stephanie. Rude.)

Side note: I'm in San Diego for the week for work and I am SHATTERED, but I didn't want to fail on my first week attempting to resurrect Flashback Friday, so I compromised and made this post short and sweet. Don't think the brevity is a reflection of the awesomeness of this subject though, because it's not. It just gives me an excuse to bring it up again. (Because, if you actually looked at the posts I mentioned, you'll see I was just about as awesome at consistent blogging as I am now. Oh the stories I have yet to tell...)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Okay, so remember that one time I decided to try and do this? (And succeeded a total of thirteen times...)

Well, this year it's coming back bigger and better than ever! And to keep it company, I'm going to go crazy and add another meme to the mix!

Top 10 Tuesdays will basically be a list of whatever I decide to numerically rank.*

There's no boundaries on how ridiculous epic these lists will be. Sort of like my listless phase.

So obviously this comes as part of my new year, better year plans, the reason being I am a horrible blogger, but I'm also the worst journal writer ever, so I'm choosing to tackle the lesser of two evils and then go from there.

For my inaugural Top 10 Tuesday post, I'm going to (re)introduce you to something else awesome I'm doing. Remember that one time I tried out for this? Well, thanks to your awesome feedback (seriously: *tear*) I got the gig! Now I periodically post book reviews, bookish essays, and bookish Top 10 lists (so you see where this is going) and I love it.

So, when a Tuesday, my turn to write The Blue Bookcase Top 10 List, and this blog align (oh look, another syzygy!) that will be the topic of the week.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to The Top 10 Books Meagan Read in 2010!

*If you have any suggestions for Top 10 ideas please pass them on! (However, you should know I may be ranking them in order of awesomeness for one of my posts so make sure they're good suggestions :)