Monday, April 16, 2007

it's times like these that make me think grad school might not be so bad . . .

. . . because then i might be as awesome as this:

English 495 Final Class (as presented in an email from my prof):

OK, so here is the latest on our final schedule. I was reminded that I promised Trent Hickman several months ago that I would cover for him in administering his 293 final while he goes to some academic conference/tourist junket. Along with my own 293, this puts me at 6 hours and counting in the bowels of the JFSB this Saturday. To avoid any more time in that eternal semi-twilight world, I propose the following.

Instead of Saturday breakfast, we do Tuesday lunch (that’s tomorrow). You bring your presentations and I will bring the Pizza and Apple Beer (or Root Beer for the more orthodox among us). Final papers will be due Saturday via email by 5:00 p.m.--thus prolonging your agony by an extra 8 hours or so should you choose to avail yourself of that time.

Hope this is amenable to all.

English Language 350 Final Class (as presented in story form by my prof):

As you go out into the "Real World", Be Willing To:

1. Learn And Do New Things
2. Do More Than Is Required
3. Express Your Opinion Honestly And With Charity
4. Accept Criticism
5. Work Well With Others
6. Give Credit To Others
7. Give Of Your Talents Freely
8. Ask For Help Rather Than Faking It
9. Be Trustworthy And To Keep Confidences
10. Be A Worthy Vessel So You Can Have The Lord's Help

yep. i'm pretty much jealous of myself right now (:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

why it really IS a disney world...

(i bet you weren't expecting that)