Wednesday, April 15, 2009

British or Bust

Despite opening myself to ridicule, I'm going to admit I'm an on-again-off-again fan of American Idol. (This shouldn't come as a surprise.)

But lest you stop reading, thinking this is a blog in honor of Adam Lambert. It is so not. I'm off-again this season, and if you need a reason, here it is. Creeper.

There have been, however, performances in past years that have given me shivers in a good way. Here, for example.

But despite the wow-factor of some of these numbers, I've never been as touched by American Idol or its other reality counterparts as much as I have been while watching the British versions of these shows.

Anyone remember Paul Potts? Brilliant. I watched every one of his performances during the premiere season of Britain's Got Talent (thanks to Youtube) and was blown away. Every. Single. Time.

And now there's a new winner in town. Meet Susan Boyle. Love her. Season 3 just started on Saturday.

Inspiration is now just a Youtube search and a click away...


Lauren Palmer said...

Amazing song, amazing voice... and amazing look on Simon's face when he realized what an ape he was being and how awesome she is. Can I come visit you in London when you move back? And we can try to get tickets for one of these shows? Hahaha. Nevermind. I think I'd rather go to the British Museum.

Cathy said...

Susan is amazing! I was so touched by her clip. I must admit, I am a dedicated American Idol fan this season, because of Adam Lambert. He sometimes is a little creepy, but he still is my favorite. And as creepy as "Ring of Fire" was, it's starting to grow on me. Maybe I'm biased because he was Fiyero in Wicked, but nonetheless, he still is the best one on the show and my main reason in watching it each week. (Sorry to be controversial!)

Lauren Davison said...

I know! Wasn't she incredible!? I loved this.