Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday - Spring Break

{oops...wrote and forgot to post this...}

Okay, yes, I've taken a bit of a vacation from Flashback Fridays. Time to repent. So let's talk about vacations. Specifically: Spring Break.

My family has been on Spring Break this week, and while I love spending time with the fam, it's wreaked havoc on my work schedule. Which meant I had to spend a significant part of my weekend catching up in my basement office instead of enjoying the lovely spring weather ):

Not that not having a Spring Break is anything new. Bless you BYU, but having negative percent vacation days during winter semester is one of your biggest failures.
So one semester, we decided to take matters into our own hands. The result:

Spring Break 2006: Barcelona

During study abroad, several members of the LC took advantage of a long weekend and low airfares to travel and dispersed to Austria, Scotland, and Sweden (I think), etc. We chose Spain.

Fun Facts:
  • With two whole semesters of Spanish under my belt, I was the most fluent of our group. This fact has Justin in hysterics whenever he thinks about it now (post-Bolivia mission).
  • The Mediterranean sun--even in early April--gave me one fantastic sunburn. Strangers pointed and winced everywhere we went.
  • The valet at the Hilton was hot.
  • A glimpse of the Picasso museum, a tour of Gaudi architecture, a stroll down Las Ramblas, and a sampling of Paella and Spain's best export (chocolate con churros) were all on our list of things to do. But let's be honest, all we really cared about was the beach:


Annegirl said...

That beach is BEAUTIFUL! And 3 years later... I'm still jealous.

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

ahhh it was such a fun trip! And amen - those valet were so beautiful to look at. I think they liked us too. :)

rml said...

Sweden indeed. That was us. It was fun, but FREEZING. I remember looking at your pictures when you all got home and saying to myself, Scandinavia? What was I thinking?

BUT I have eaten swedish fish in Sweden. So that's something. :)

Julie and Rob said...

I think you guys had it going on when you chose Spain... seriously... seriously, Sweeden?! It was freezing!

Julie and Rob said...

Okay... I just said seriously twice. Oops, that sounds weird. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I was going to tell you, I'm on good reads and we should be friends ( : You should probably add me, though, cause I'm not so "goodreads savvy" yet and don't really know how to work it!

Lauren Davison said...

Oh man.... I love the beach...