Wednesday, July 23, 2008

memory...with a crowd in the daylight...

do you ever have those times when old memories surface that you've kind of forgotten? i do.

lately i've remembered all sorts of funny things.

like that one time i lettered in football.
or that time adriane and i stole ben abbott's shoes.
or when the girls of sixty-fun cruised the streets of byu to "bling bling, daddy daddy"...

...or when shea and i skipped out on work to see david archuleta at the gateway:



Annegirl said...

I was thinking about how you lettered in football the other day!! You inspire me. Plus, your blog looks awesome. Yes, I'm finally checking blogs again. It feels good.

Erika said...

Did you wear a shirt that stated you voted for him too? I think I should just make one.
What about the time sixty fun dressed up like ninjas? That was pretty awesome.

meagan said...

annie: yay, you're back! And thanks, Adriane designed like half of the elements I used. (She's so great.)

Erika: Negative on the shirt (there wasn't time), but we did take along some pics and sharpies for autographs (but were beaten back by a mob of teeny-boppers...)

oh yeah, the ninjas! that was your fault, going on and on about chi and the centerdness it demanded (: