Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So I have the misfortune of being on dish crew this week and have not been able to get out and do a ton of stuff yet, but I have been able to hang out with the AWESOMEST people who happen to be stuck in the kitchen with me.

Funny things happen around us. And to illustrate this, I will try to explain something that happened at dinner today. First of all, imagine this girl. Quiet, reserved, nice as can be but not exactly forward. This girl is not on our crew. But, she did sit next to us at dinner.

This meant nothing all through salad, curry, bread, pudding, and after-dinner conversation and nearly all the way through putting-off-after-dinner-dishes-conversation. But we happened to be talking about boys and their egos when Doug (Alpha-male of the apron) mentioned that he was voted "Best Butt" in 8th grade (unofficially of course).

Now this in itself was funny enough, but at that exact moment, this girl just so happened to look down behind Doug DIRECTLY AT HIS BUTT!!!! We laughed, we cried, we scrapbooked the moment.
(it later turned out that one of the professor's sons was crawling under Doug's chair at that exact moment and she was looking at him NOT the butt, but it was still priceless.)

And these are the stories of our far.


Jon said...

Does this mean you won't be on dish crew ever again? That's pretty cool!

Tiff said...

I'm glad you're having fun...and thrilled you're blogging about it! :)

Nama said...

shoot, i would look.

AnneGirl said...

Lol. Poor gal. By the end of the semester they'll be dating...just kidding.

Maria said...

i think i would have died of mortification. i bet she did look though... and had a perfect allabi

AnneGirl said...

Oh now I'm REALLY laughing!!!

Meagan said...

There is a part 2 that I didn't add that is this:

When the girl got up to put her dishes in the sink, Doug was all, " I bet she totally did look at my butt and just used Andrew (the little boy) as an alibi!"

He said this just in time for her to have come back and be standing right behind him!

Then I'm pretty sure she really did look. :)

btw. I apologize in advance if me typing skills take a nosedive for the next four months, they have these keyboards here that are like qwertish. Almost, but not quite the same and I haven't pinpointed the 7 or so keys that are different yet...