Sunday, January 08, 2006

Does the term a "Little" Spanish mean ANYTHING to you?!?!

So we got our ward assignments tonight.

The good news: I'm in the South Kensington Branch. It's a brisk 25 minute walk across Hyde Park or 10 minutes by tube. Closest church, cutest part of London.

The bad: It's a Spanugueuse ward. Yep. One song is Spanish, one song is Portuguese. One talk is Spanish, one talk is Portuguese.

Help! I have NOTHING Spanish or Portuguese!

I will never be honest on a church survey again!

(My only comfort is I didn't mention piano at all...)


AnneGirl said...

Um...I could rush mail you my hymnal...I mean mi himnario...

I only love! No worries! Pray hard, you'll be ok!

Nama said...

get the english missionaries to sit behind you and translate. and mumble the hymns to the best of your ability. worked for me in naples.

Maria said...

Oh dear. And I thought it was bad when the Arabic speaking couple in my home ward wanted me to clarify what people were saying in church! This is much worse! Good Luck!!!!!!

Adriane said...

I luff you! Te amo! If I knew how to spell shut up and kiss me in Portugese, I would. But only cuz that's all I know. That would be kind of weird.