Friday, January 06, 2006

Made It!

Hello all! I made it to London!

Capital of the different folks. On the plane over here, I sat next to two middle-aged Londoners on the way back from "Holiday" in Florida. My friend Anne sat next to a Cambridge student named Ian.

She was sonneted and offered private tennis lessons.

I got the inside track on London's gay club scene.



Jon said...

Yay for London adventures! I'm already jealous; I don't think I can stand a whole semester of this.

Jon said...

Just for clarification, it's not the gay club scene I'm jealous of. Not too keen on sonnets or private tennis lessons from Ian either.

AnneGirl said...

Hahaha to Jon. Yay for making it! I'm totally jealous of sonnets and tennis and Ian....DADDY! :) Have a lovely first day!

Nama said...

woohoo! enjoy every minute of it...well, not the gay-club scene, but the rest of abroad rocks!

Adriane said...

Dang, I miss you. But have lots and lots of fun. I was telling Mr. Jensen that this is the longest that we've been apart since we've been friends. SINCE SIXTH GRADE!!! You'd better make the most of it. Lol. I only miss. and love... So I guess I don't ONLY miss. Oh well. Cheers!