Sunday, January 22, 2006


So this title... hodgepodge was taken, it was then next option.

London is crazy. So are British people. So it everything. I guess that's one step below crazy-awesome so it's all good.

A complaint: There are no outlets in the bathrooms. Any bathrooms. Apparently the thought of 240 watts of power shooting through one's body is unattractive? Who knew?

A solution: Anywho... The appliance makers of awesomeness have solved that problem---lengthen the cords of course! So now all things hair come with uberlong cords that stretch from the landing to the bathroom! Presto-chango, perfection! Self-esteem has gone up, bone-breaking incidents from falling down stairs have too. Not to mention IN the bathroom where if the shock doesn't kill you, the fall and head-cracking will!

An excitement: Handel's Messiah. Live. Good Friday. Royal Albert Hall. Me. YES!!!!

A disappointment: Westlife. Tour. Ireland Only. Drat.

A possibility: £0.99 tickets for a weekend flight????

An oasis: A stall on Portabello Road that sells ribbons and only ribbons. Hello all of Saturday, where did you go??

A challenge: Young Women's Counselor and possible Sunday School teacher? En espanol? "Que en el mundo????" (:

A request: Emails! I love them! I need them! (hint, hint)

Tah, tah, for now!


Adriane said...

Wow. I can only imagine the cord tanglage. But I am jealous. I did my hair in the living room sans mirrors this morning. Better than the stairs, however, eh?

AnneGirl said...

Bummer on the Westlife! Totally jealous about the Messiah! And RIBBON HEAVEN!!! Plus, you're going to be FLUENT in espanol. Ensenes me?

Kimberly said...

The outlet thing made me laugh! It's the same in South Africa--it's illegal to put outlets in the bathrooms. So strange. We did our hair in our bedrooms by a mirror. I hope you enjoy all the little quirks of another country. Do you have to turn the outlets on before you use them?