Monday, August 29, 2005

I have your shoes.

Some famous person once said something.

The gist of it was “The things that bug you most about other people are often things that you also have a problem with.” That being the case, I’m in the market for some heavy-duty super glue, an air-compressor staple gun, or one of Annie’s dad’s handy-dandy-cell-phone-attachers-of-permanence.

About a week ago, Taylor never came home. There had been previous occasions where she had disappeared for extended periods of time, but those were when she had a boyfriend.

Now she has a missionary in the MTC.

My first thought was, “Oh, no!” Closely followed by “No, it’s okay. I already told her breaking and entering doesn’t work.”

She was gone ‘til past midnight and wasn’t answering her cell phone and I was annoyed and my mom was crying.

Anyway, she eventually answered and quickly came home. When she walked in, my mom said “Pick up or move out.”

Taylor thought she said “Pick up AND move out.”

There was more crying.

So sorry to anyone whose call I missed for less-than-legitimate reasons. It will probably happen again, but when I eventually return your call, I can commiserate with you in your annoyance. (:

Anyway, I hope school is good for y’all.


AnneGirl said...

Poor Taylor!
And I love my dad. And laughed out loud at your reference. "HANG ON!!!"

Adriane said...

I'm confused about the shoes. I immediately thought about Ben. Then I thought of The Alliance. Then I wondered if it really bugs you when people have YOUR shoes, and that you have someone else's shoes. It's a mystery!

Erika said...

I don't get any of it. But I like the staple gun part.

And hey, when do we get to see the short film, Night of the Man Catcher?

Jon said...

That sounded like an appropriate time for Taylor to practice her "pick-up" lines.

ha ha?

Okay, I apologize.