Monday, August 15, 2005

the next aristotle still has a bottle

As I was surfing the Daily Universe site for Tiffany in all her graduation glory I saw the statistics from this year's graduating class. The youngest graduate was 19. NINETEEN! Who the heck is that smart? Have they always been that smart?

So later on I was watching TV with the fam and we watched this show called "House". It's a medical show about a Dr. House who works at some specialized research hospital and has the most fantastically caustic sense of humor. My mom is in love with him.

Anyway, in a Steinbeckesque fashion, the main storyline occasionally cut away for a small, turtle-crossing-the-roadish story about this teenager (Twitty on "Even Stevens") who is babysitting his twoish-year-old brother who keeps sticking things up his nose because Twitty (not his name but not the point) did that magic trick where he pulled a coin out of his (the baby's) nose.

So first the baby comes in and he has this tiny little toy policeman up his nose. House pulls it out with tweezers. The next day it's a tiny little fireman toy. House pulls it out with tweezers. The next day it's a not so tiny fire truck toy. Out come the tweezers once again. Stupid kid, right? WRONG!

House, in his creepishly-amazing "I know everything in the world" attitude realizes that the boy is in fact a genius so he of course gets a high-powered magnet and sticks it up the kid's nose and out comes this even less tiny metal toy cat.

The two-year-old was only sending the troops up to save the cat.

In seventeen years, HE'LL be a BYU grad.


Jon said...

Sorry, Meagan, but that's the silliest story line of a show I've ever heard, even if it is a Steinbeckian device.

Of course, knowing the success of my arguments with you, you'll probably successfully show me how I'm wrong about that too in your very next comment.

Jena said...

I think it's funny, and Stienbeckian was only used as a parallel, not an example of the theme or mood of the story. And I HATE that I knew exactly what you were referring to when you said turtle across the road thing.

And I hate Stienbeck so I really shouldn't be saying anything.

Meagan said...

Join my club! The closest I'll EVER get to "Of Mice and Men" again is Robert Burns. And I'm more likely to feel the wrath of grapes than follow the Joads to California one more time.

And Jon, it IS the silliest storyline ever. It made me laugh out loud. Except more like a full-belly-roll-on-the-floor-laugh-only-my-legs-are-STILL-sunburned-so-I-STILL-couldn't-but-STILL-really-wanted-to-L.O.L.

Erika said...

I like Steinbeck. Well, I've only read Of Mice and Men. And I only liked it because I watched the movie after. And I like John Malcovich. And Gary Sinese. And Rabbits. And Meagan.
The 19-year-old probably had no friends in high school and took all AP classes and had an associates by the time they were done with high school. I don't like that. Kay I'm done.

Jena said...

Oh I'm so glad! I thought you'd cast me out as the world's worst English major, instead you invite me to join your club. It's like I'm at recess and the cool kids want me to come play kick ball.

Meagan, you've fulfilled my wildest childhood dreams. I'm actually in a club. *tear*

Adriane said...


That was going to be all that I was going to say, except I had to tell you how much I absolutely adore you Meagz. I don't know what I'm going to do without you!

AnneGirl said...

And this one time...I was shocked and amazed that I wasn't the only English major that hates Steinbeck! I think one of my teachers lost all respect for me when I told him that. But now, it's all worth it. I love you guys.

Meagan said...

Yeah for clubs and friends! Thanks Erika! I love you too! And Jena, you can be in my club anytime! I'll even let you be president!

Maria said...

Never read "Travels with Charley"-
and that is all.