Tuesday, August 02, 2005

another flip-flop story

I think it was Aristotle that said "Art Imitates Life", but after a few choice experiences yesterday, I venture to tweak that statement a little bit and say that the opposite is true.

First I went to work and my boss' dog began barking at me like he normally does, only he wasn't looking normal, he looked more like this. (Apparently he cut his ear on something and has to wear a headcast for a week.)
Then I was in the stationary aisle at Target where this guy was on the phone with his wife trying to describe candle scents. It went like this (I'm forming the wife's side based on the husbands responses):
Husband: "Here's one called waterfall."
Wife: "What does it smell like?"
Husband: "Um.... water? Or soap?"
Wife: "Any others?"
Husband: "How about fresh laundry?"

Wife: "What does it smell like?"
Husband: "Um.... water? Or soap? Basically the same."
Wife: "You need to describe them better."
Husband: "I can't describe them better. (pause) We're not communicating very well. (pause) *sigh*"

I was just waiting for that guy to come in and switch phones.

Then as I was leaving the checkstand, these two guys were peering into the bagged ice freezer asking "what? what? what?" until the door opened and a voice from the depths said "Can you hear me now? Good. It's cold in here." before this other guy climbed OUT of the freezer.

Just as I got to the doors to leave, the girl in front of me walked right into the doors. It was like some sad, slapstick comedy routine only it was deliciously real. She even made the "umpf" noise as she bounced off of them.

So as I got in my car, another epiphany piggy-backed into my head: Boys never grow up and embarrassing moments will stalk us all our lives.

Just remember the immortal words of the great Brad Holland:

"Art imitates life. Life imitates high school."



AnneGirl said...

Ah. My faith in humanity is restored. For entertainment purposes anyway. :) Poor Candle Man. Silly Freezer Man. Where would we be without the Phone Guys? And be nice to the girl who walked into the doors. That hurts. Not that I would ever do anything like that...

Erika said...

I nominate this as one of Meagan's best blogs ever. The pictures really helped me follow the story. Especially the piggy back. Well done. I think I peed my pants just now.

Tiff said...
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Tiff said...

That conversation with the candle man reminds me of many conversations I've had...and they all made me laugh if not at the time, later when I was off the phone. As for the freezer guys, it took rereading the sentence 3 times to see the guys were NOT peeing into the freezer. I was wondering why no one was doing anything.
Also, I think more people do that door thing than you have any idea. I still don't understand why people don't push them open when they notice they're close enough and the door aren't opening.

Tiff said...

GAH! I tried to fix spelling errors, but missed the door - plural, sorry folks.

Tiff said...

This is why I'm NOT an editor.

Tiff said...

and just to leave another comment...I owe you back your book.

Meagan said...

lol. Once i posted the same thing on your blog!

Jena said...

I like it.