Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yesterday I got an anonymous delivery of these from someone both awesome and observant (thanks if it was you, btw.)

But I remembered what happened last time I had these.

So I've been careful, and this morning I only put a few in my purse to enjoy throughout the work day.

Which is why I'm tearing my purse apart like a junkie looking for a fix at 2:15 in the afternoon...

On a semi-related note, I just googled "chocoholics anonymous." That's just cruel.


Karissa Kay said...

Oh i totally know how you feel. I try not to even buy chocolate any more because I'll eat it all in one sitting. That and those werthers chewy caramels. YUM!

Julie and Rob said...

You crack me up, girl! I'm the same wy with anything greasy... frech fries, chips, cheezits! It's a bad habbit, but once I start eating them I can't stop!!

SGOT said...

Hmm... Doesn't cadbury chocolate sound good right now?

Great to see your blog

Tiff said...

Dear Meagan,
Please be more responsible about what you post on your blog. Thanks to you, I just ate a 3 o'clock in the satisfy my chocolate craving that overcame me upon reading your blog.
...You should really be more responsible.
;) Love ya!

Jena said...

I did it! I blogged for you! They miss you at work. I'm not quite up to par yet.