Friday, December 22, 2006

she pulled the covers over her head...

...and buried herself beneath a mountain of various and sundry items:

1 quilt
2 down comforters
3 blankets (wooly mammoth, Mexican, and fleece)
4 loads of laundry
5 bags of Japanese food
6 sweaters
7 sudoku books
8 tubes of chapstick
9 dollars in change
10 library books
11 unfinished to-do lists
12 homemade coupons
13 half-sticks of gum
14 straws from Wendys
15 Halls Blackcurrant Soothers
16 Star Wars action figures
17 Magazine (2004 Prom Edition)
18 hours worth of Jane Austen books-on-tape
1999 yearbook
2007 calendar
21 years worth of life experience

yet even that could not smother
the cry
wrenched from the very center of her being:



AnneGirl said...

Oh honey. This is a story I MUST hear!!!!

AnneGirl said...

On second thought, we have a new war cry: "It's not me, it's you."

Nama said...

you are not alone in that cry of terror, my friend. you just keep on...keepin' on...

Maria said...

oh meagan! You poor thing. Do I get to know more details? I promise to be sympathetic.

Adriane said...

That made my heart wrench inside of me for you. And for me, and all other awkward people! I love you. I want to hear.