Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Facts

Fact: I am totally snowed in. Like I can't leave the house. At all.
Fact: My only resources are the internet, and season two of The Office.
Fact: My grandparentals are the only people left on Earth who still have DIAL-UP, which equals negative-percent effective. I did the math.
Fact: This leaves me with 20+ episodes of The Office.

Question: Where will this lead?
Answer: Only time will tell...

P.S. Don't hold your breath waiting for an update. It took me FORTY-FIVE minutes to get this to post.

1 comment:

Adriane said...

On the plus side, you are having an experience I have never had in my life...I've always wanted to be snowed in once...but not for very long. But good luck with the dial up. I love you. I have your present--I even had it before Christmas, but didn't get it to you before you left. Dang.