Sunday, March 20, 2005


What's bigger, better, and more fabulous than a crowd of celebrities outside the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood? The crowd of celebrities outside 3380 of the Wilk, of course! And last night was a dazzling display of style and “suave”-ness one cannot help but analyze and applaud.

Annie Jacob:
Following in the footsteps of fashion maven Audrey Hepburn, Annie sported a spanglified version of the little black dress, but this fashion-forward form didn't stop there, she proved that "black is the new pink is the new black" by throwing on an electrifying feather boa and sinfully smooth black party gloves. And the hair? Every Who down in Whoville has started to sing, baby!!

Maria Walen:
Proving once again that less is more, Maria blew away the competition in an casual Caribbean number that raised the room temperature at least 30 degrees. Maria accentuated the sans-sartorial scarf with brilliantly cut chandelier earrings and a hairstyle that would make Marie Antoinette sell the farm!

Adriane Blackham:
Prince Charming better be willing to step it up a little if he wants to keep up with this Cinderella. Whoever she is, Adriane's Fairy Godmother better start negotiating for a better contract! Talk about Ice, Ice Baby! But, this blue-clothed Belle glowed brighter than the diamonds strategically scattered about. The inspiration for Josh Groban was obvious with this walking Starry-Starry Night!

Meagan Brady:
Back-off PETA, this Prima donna proved that even fake can be fab in an amazingly realistic replica of a silver "faux". Meagan fellowed the fantastic fur with spectacular specs and a yummy, butter-yellow number that screamed “Spring!”

Erika Harker:
Bringing back the disco daze, Erika rocked out in a sequined sash and riotous ringlets. With a fabulous black top and trendy long-and-lean jeans, she proved to be a real mover and shaker. Looking at Erika makes us long for the REAL dance revolution. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" anyone?

Jena Peterson:
Jena was the picture of understated elegance in monochromatic black. From her splendidly simple short-sleeved sheathe to her sleek ponytail and classic make-up job, Jena brings to mind the glory days. Is this the face that launched a thousand ships? We think so.

Tiffany Gibson:
Bedazzling in a dress inspired by Midnight in the Wasatch Mountains, Tiffany delighted in a bodice of black-velvety-velvet and a swirling skirt of tempestuous taupe. She was nature personified in a beautiful Persephone.

Crystal Manning:
Crystal stayed close to her magnificent moniker by modeling an angelic amethyst number that set off her greenish eyes and reddish hair to perfection. With such invigorating Irish beauty about, it's no wonder the place was crawling with love-sick leprechauns.

And leprechauns there were galore! From the fully decked-out lad straight off the Lucky Charms box to the usually staid and serious Jon Harmon's Kelly green neckpiece (perhaps he found the pot of gold at the end of the Reading Rainbow?), the Luck of the Irish made a strong post St. Paddy's day comeback. Tell us Jon; could green be the new pink?


Adriane said...

The Reading Rainbow?!?!?!? I LOVE that show!!! What about you? Do YOU love Reading Rainbow?

Jon said...

1) I don't know what you're talking about w/ reading rainbow.

2) You left out Jena's fiery red skirt!

3) I liked Adriane's purse. Maybe a little too much.

Erika said...

Best blog ever! I'm totally excited that my $10 American Eagle reject jeans I bought at Downeast Outfitters can be mistaken for Long and Leans. Sweet...

Meagan said...

Oh my gosh! Sorry Jena! I blame the podium and my bad seat, I don't think I ever saw the bottom half of you!

Jon said...

You should have seen me wear that tie as a missionary!

And I'm still waiting for man catcher part II.

AnneGirl said...
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AnneGirl said...

Wait! Hold up! I just got into the "black is the new pink is the new black" and now you're telling me green is in? Shoot!

In other news, I will be giving Who-hair lessons to anyone who wishes to learn this fine art. BYOC (Bring your own cup).

Adriane said...

Excellent! Will you teach me how to string lights through it too? And whatever Jon. You KNOW you love Reading Rainbow. I'm glad you finally admitted the purse part though! If only my camara didn't make so much noise!

Adriane said...

shoot--never make mistakes in your comments on an English major's blog. That would be *camera*

Crystal said...

I have never heard such truth in all my life. I think you described each of us very accurately and honestly. I have never been called an Irish beauty before and I think that I kind of like it!

Tiff said...

You are so cute and I am so flattered.
Love you!