Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Attention All Utahns...

...and anyone else with anything to say....

I am in a folklore class right now and I am doing my final project on Creative Dating (you know, the weird ways you asked/answered someone to a high school dance). So I am putting out an APB for any of you that want to respond to what you think are the "unspoken rules" for Creative Dating. Things like how you ask, how you answer, talking to each other between the asking and answering or before the dance, what if you have to say "no", etc., etc. Or what happened if you or someone you know ever BROKE the "unspoken rules" (gasp, faint, die)!

Also, if you have stories on how you asked or were answered, or pictures or whatever I would LOVE them! I am wondering if there are any "one-ups" like if you played off some aspect of the way someone asked you or vice versa.

If you don't want to blog it, you can email me at, or I can come interview you with Adriane's nifty mini tape recorder at your convenience.

Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and p.s. Does anyone know what APB means? I'm pretty sure I send them all the time at work and I have no idea what it stands for. Enlightenment would be greatly appreciated... :)


Erika said...

APB means "All Points Bulletin". Don't ask why, it's just what it means. As for creative asking and answering, I have a million. Well, actually about 5. I gave up after disasters occured with each date the middle of my junior year. I'm happy to be interviewed if you want. I'd have to say my favorite was when I worked at the hospital and there was a fancy shmancy invitation to Homecoming stuck in the book I signed into everyday. I answered back by enlarging my driver's license photo and making myself the Artist of the Month and posted it on the wall with the rest of the artists (U2, Sheryl Crow, etc.) Underneath the picture it said "yes." Worst ever involved baking a cake. Erika+cake+baking it=BAD. Very Bad.

Tiff said...

Erika + baking usually = bad
(She really can cook, she just forgets she's doing it.) ;O)
Along with Erika, I also have a million and one ideas (minus perhaps a few hundred thousand). I grew up in Davis County. Feel free to stop by.

Jena said...

Glenn asked me to M.A. When he got home, he went downstairs to his door which had a poster board on it that read: "Sure I'll go with you...HA! When PIGS fly!!"

Then he walked into his room and little paper wings were papercliped to peices of bacon strung from his ceiling.