Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To [Intrepid] On Our Six-Month Anniversary

The days we’ve shared, like autumn leaves
All brightly-hued, have drifted by;
And Mother Time, who softly weaves
Enchantment, breathes a gentle sigh.

Half a year of memories – each leaf a different one:
Now, in the midst of wind and snow,
We dream nostalgically of summer sun,
The trees, the water – yes, we know;

Bridge with friends, a game of chess,
Mountain climbing, or country ride –
(Events one would enjoy far less,
Without the other by his side.)

But look! There are new buds ahead
Which promise to unfold
As toward fulfillment we are led
Of all the dreams we hold.

-Mary T. Hoffman

Yes, it's true. Today is my six-month anniversary of "real life."

I celebrated with a Happy Meal and some new office supplies.

Go ahead, judge me.


Adriane said...

NEVER!!! Happy Anniversary! was it a Chicken Nuggets one? And what KIND of office supplies? I LOVE office supplies. I want to play.

Jessie Evans said...

I also love office supplies. And I also recently celebrated my 6 mo. anniversary at a grown up job. Crazy.

Rissa and Jared said...

um, so I'm torn between graduating ASAP to get a real job or becoming a forever student to avoid getting a job. can't decide which option I like better. congrats on the supplies! always fun :)

heidi i said...

hi. i don't know you. i got here from another friend's blog. but i just wanted to say i like that the poem is titled To Intrepid, and i am now inspired to write a poem to my car that is constantly breaking down, is a great source of unneeded stress, and has an attitude like a teenager...but has somehow hung in there yet another month. maybe it likes me. thanks.