Friday, July 08, 2005


Picture a young, carefree girl, captivated by the magical worlds of Ariel, Aurora, and Belle, who finds in a grocery store one of the products a more jaded individual would see as the monetary-motivated marketing schemes of the corporate board of directors behind these stories.

But to this girl, the blue plastic sunglasses with a princess decal seem to offer a chance to see the world as that princess must see it. So she eagerly puts a pair on and glances quickly around for a mirror to see if the miraculous transformation has taken place.

POP! That's the sound of this girl's bubble bursting when she sees that the mirror is located approximately waist-level-- perfect height for a girl of six or seven, but ridiculously out of reach for a twenty-year-old. The girl sees no choice but to bend down on her pre-arthritic knees only to see herself looking ridiculous in a few-sizes-too-small pair of glasses.

Despondently (between fits of laughter), she heads to the register sans glasses. And spots the fireworks. Okay, so age does have its privileges (:

But the victory is temporary when weighed against the aging discussions about soon-to-be-returning missionaries and soon-to-be-married friends.

So the girl goes home feeling tired and worn, only to find a note on her pillow saying: "It's 12:30 almost. Will you come wake me up when you see this so I know you made it home? Thanks. Love, La"

There's nothing like the love and concern of a little sister to blow that bubble right back up again.


Tiff said...

Oh, sweet.

buhler said...

I think this definitely calls for an... ahhhh, cuuuute, but I was happy to know you made it too, you were pretty tired.

Erika said...

I would have bought them anyway.

AnneGirl said...

That is sweet. I love little sisters.

Adriane said...

See, we would have bought them anyway, but they kind of hurt our's the same with the Barbie flip flops. Some things aren't meant to be.

Jena said...

You two make me want to have daughters again.

Maria said...

I love my little sisters- they seem to know when i need a little love and call me just to make me feel better. I am grateful that i have such an amazing family!

Adriane said...

Jena--do you want to have them again (how many daughters do you have?) or do we just cause the desire to surface again?

I don't know if I want to buy my daughters stuff like that. I dunno if it's because I want it all for me, or what.