Wednesday, July 13, 2005

generation blech

Have you ever seen someone of a younger generation, or at least a younger member of your generation (i.e. sibling, sibling's friends, youngish looking strangers, etc.) participating in something so completely ridiculous and wrong that you breathe a somewhat self-righteous sigh of relief knowing that you never, ever, EVER did something like that?

Only to belatedly remember with gut-wrenching shame that once, in your deep, dark and hopelessly naive past, you did?

Two words people: banana clips.

Need I say more?


Tiff said...

Yeah, as I was getting upset with Ryan the other day for disliking different guys I've been interested in - I had a flashback to the exact same conversation only we were in reversed roles.


Erika said...

Woah woah woah. You're not dissing the banana clip are you? what better way to create a full haired look but still keeping it out of your face than with a banana clip? And those plastic shirt buckles? Beauty. How else can you create a poufy shirt yet still define your waist?

it will all come back. Wait for it...