Saturday, May 21, 2005

My New Pet Project

So today we had a bit of a family shindig in American Fork. The theme was Napoleon Dynamite, but that is a story for another time and place. I only bring it up to set the stage for the awesome epiphany I had.

So I was sitting under a tree blissfully munching on reconstituted school lunch items (corndog, tots, freakin' quesadillas, etc.) When what to my wondering eyes should appear to beg me for some potato goodness? No, it wasn't Missy; she was grounded to the back yard. It was a goat. Yes, a GOAT!

Now my cousins live on a bit of a farmish, so it wasn't all that unusual, but these goats aren't just any old cow or alpaca (sorry Maria, but the DO have them. One's brown and one's white and they are named Merry and Pippin because of their hairy feet and fondness for second-breakfast), no these goats are the family pets!

My aunt said they're great to have around because:

1. They don't stink
2. They mow your lawn and they LIKE it
3. Natural paper shredder
4. They love to cuddle
5. They are excellent guardians (it's because their pupils are rectangular so they can see more than 180 degrees and spot any dangerous alpacas (sorry Maria)
6. They're goats! What else to you need to know?



Maria said...

Meagan... you may no longer worry. the whole of it is out.

AnneGirl said...

Hahaha! I love your diction. A goat?! That is dang cool. This one time I came home from school and there was a sheep in my back yard. It's interesting to have farm animals in the middle of the city. It's probably against some code or something. My dad found the poor little guy abandoned on our ranch. We didn't keep him long, and it was pretty embarrassing to explain to the neighbors what all the bleating was about and pretty funny to look out my back windows and see a little lamb bounding across the yard. But he didn't mow the lawn. Sheesh.

Erika said...

There's an emu at the end of my street.
And I just have to hear the story of the Napolean Dynamite themed family shindig. And do you have any cousins I can marry so I too can have a family shindig themed in Napolean Dynamite?

Adriane said...

Maybe you can come to Meagan's family reunion and meet hot cousins too. Apparently there are several! And they are tall too!!! And I second the "Daddy!" but whether I am talking about the goat or cousin you will never know.

AnneGirl said...