Monday, December 14, 2009

If I hadn't already packed my camera...

...I'd show the best parts of the weekend:
  • When Santa Claus sat next to me on the tube. (And when I got to Camden and saw that Santa was sitting next to everyone on the tube.)
  • The electrician who opened a side panel on his repair truck to reveal a full tea service. (Silver kettle and all.)
  • The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. (And the even better one in the Finsbury Park apartment.)
  • The primary children dressed for the Nativity and singing Away in a Manger at the Christmas concert last night. (Especially the ginger-haired brothers dressed as the wise men.)
  • The evolution of sorting out my luggage so that I can bring home the maximum amount of chocolate without going over the weight limit. (My first attempt came in at a whopping 86 lbs.)
  • The assortment of activities I did to pass the time because I was too excited to sleep. (It was like Christmas Eve two weeks early.)


Annegirl said...

Very early this morning I was in bed thinking, "Meagan is coming home!!"

rml said...

you're home! you're home!

Rachel said...

I hope you still post pics. Some of those would be great to see! Glad you figured out the chocolate puzzle and that you made it home!