Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that Hitler and I have in common

This is where I go to school:

It's called the Senate House and its massive space is mostly consumed by the renowned Senate House Library, as well as the administrative offices of the University of London.

Construction on the building was completed in 1937 and since then Senate House has enjoyed quite a variety of footnotes in both world history and popular culture.
  • The foyer was a shooting location for the films Spy Game and Batman Begins, representing a courtroom and the lobby of CIA headquarters, respectively.
  • The exterior is used as the set for Bertie Wooster's New York apartment building in the Wooster and Jeeves television series.
  • The imposing art deco facade was the inspiration for the Ministry of Truth building in George Orwell's 1984. (In an ironic twist, Senate House actually served as the headquarters for the Ministry of Information during WWII.)
  • There is a persistent rumor that Adolf Hitler ordered Senate House to be spared by the Luftwaffe as he planned to use it for the Nazi headquarters in the UK after the success of Operation Sealion.

So basically I'm having the time of my life where Hitler would have felt at home, which feels just a little bit wrong.

Then again, the Fuhrer also felt right at home with all things from his authentic Vaterland and we don't hold that against German Chocolate Cake...


Rachel said...

Too funny. Keep having the time of your life! Hmm, now I need to find me some German Chocolate cake...so yummy!

rml said...

Hitler apparently had big plans for a number of buildings, because I'm almost certain I heard he had similar instructions and plans regarding Whiteley's. Do you remember that, or am I making it up?

Erika said...

Did you know that German Chocolate cake actually comes from Texas? At least I'm pretty sure it's Texas, but definitely not from Germany. It's actually named after a guy who's last name is German and they used his chocolate. So really it's German's chocolate cake.
This is what happens when you watch too much Food Network.