Tuesday, May 26, 2009

zero (in)tolerance

In an embarrassing lack of syzygy, me, myself and my immune system are having a bit of a spat. While me and myself are strong supporters of health and wellness, my immune system finds that (in)tolerable. Because once you're in, you're in, right?

Right. In bed.

It started with an annoying little tickle in my throat three days into my trip to Cali, but when I woke up after a 7+ hour crash post-Thursday morning flight home with a 102 degree fever I figured I better get myself checked out.

And came home with a veritable pharmacy of drugs catered toward severe allergies, ear infections, and pneumonia.

For the second time this year.

So I have literally spent the last 4.5 days in bed with my left ear glued to a heating pad, and my right hand glued to my inhaler. It's sickening.

On the plus side, I read 5 books from the tower on my nightstand. And a diet of white grape juice, water, and the occasional packet of Lipton's noodle soup (the only things I can stomach with pneumonia) didn't hurt me on the scale at all either (8 lbs.).

In summation, the only thing of note in my life right now is a truly scary pallor due to zero percent sun.

But let me share a couple Cali pics from before I got sick:

I haven't had a birthday cake in literally years, but the hotel was kind enough to send me these cute and fabulously delicious mini cupcakes for my birthday. My favorite were the carrot and red velvet cakes.

I spent about 4 hours at Disneyland the whole time I was there, but at the end of the night, Disney hooked us up with some sweet VIP seating for the fireworks. They were awesome.

And the Onion never lets me down on my birthday...
Oh, plus there was an earthquake.


Adriane said...

O.O I'm sorry you are sick! that's the pits! I think that's the cutest cake I've ever seen though. And I can't tell you how healous I am about the fireworks. And the beach. Feel better!!!

Lauren Davison said...

Holy smokes! I love fireworks. And mini cupcakes. So what you're telling me is if I stay at a hotel on my birthday I GET CUPCAKES!?!? Hook me up!!

Also, my verification word was "huccrot". I would like a definition, please.

Nama said...

Those mini cupcakes look delicious! Where were you staying? I want free mini cupcakes on my next birthday!

Oh, and get better...now.

engquist said...

Is there something wrong with me, because I am more jealous of the fact that you were able to work your way through some of your tower of books? It's taking me a good couple of weeks at a time to get through one book lately..at this rate, I'll never finish!

Rissa and Jared said...

bummer about the illness, i was not feeling so hot last week and it RUINS your life. but the cupcakes look de-lish-is.
for book club we've read My Sisters Keeper, The Glass Castle, Lady Katura and Lord Death, The Time Travelers Wife, and some Potato Peel Pie Society book (i didn't read that month). What have you been reading?? We need suggestions.

Macie said...

I'm sorry you're sick. Pneumonia twice in one year? Yuck. We really wish we could have seen you while you were here! But we're glad you had fun. You got some sweet hook-ups!