Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Fridays - Puppy Love

Right now we have two black labs named Samson and Delilah and we love them.

I really do think it's true that pets make you live longer more fulfilling lives. Sammy and Lilah are hysterical to watch and interact with and super smart too. They've figured out how to open the door to their room and will surprise me while I'm working a couple times a week. Yep, I love pets.

Which is a good thing, because we've had a lot of them. This is Ian with our Rottweiler Marco back in 1999. He was one of our favorites. His favorite game was to knock Ian down flat on his back and lick face off. It was Ian's favorite too. Sort of. Our favorite game was to give Ian Marco's leash and then kick a pear down the street and watch them go. Ian liked that one even better...

Fun Facts:

  • The first pet I can remember was our cat Tiger. We had him in Canada. Taylor's favorite game was putting him in a grocery bag and swinging him around her head. He loved that.
  • Then there was my cat Scamper. His favorite game was pretending he was a mountain lion. The mountain lions didn't like that so much.
  • A few months later Tay and I got golden retriever puppies that we named Sinbad and Samson. (Obviously I really like that name.) One day I was walking Samson and he found a bird that had fallen out of its nest. I rescued it and named him Tweety and kept him in a fish tank on our back deck. His mom actually found him and fed him Box Elder bugs every day. He was almost big enough to fly when Scamper decided to include him in a game of mountain lion. Tay and I planned a wonderful funeral.
  • It was also during this time that Tay and I were big on herpetology. Our record was 13 lizards, 7 horny toads, and 4 snakes at once. We kept them in ice cream buckets in the barn.
  • Then there was the time I went to England leaving behind a dog and two cats. Four months later I came back to two guinea pigs and two bearded dragons. Ian's favorite game is letting the dragons out to run around my room. It's my favorite too. Not.


Annegirl said...

You had a Rottweiler?!!

Plus also, I love your family's "no pet" philosophy. :)

And we must be on the same wave length--first grammar, then animals...

Lauren Palmer said...

My dog could beat up your dog.

Okay, no she couldn't. She's stupid, fat, and lazy. But she's pretty to look at...

I miss you. You're coming soon, non?

Adriane said...

LOL. I remember Marco knocking me down too...sigh. What a guy.

Macie said...

You always make me laugh! When are we going to play again? And what are bearded dragons? They sound SCARY! I wouldn't like them in my room either!