Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Style, substance, and just the right amount of heaving bodices."

Yesterday was my roommate Kim's birthday. Since she's now "almost thirty" (aka 24), she wasn't really interested in a big to-do, so we planned on dinner and a movie at the Gateway. Over an "authentic" Chinese dinner (Panda Express w/ chopsticks), I gave her her present:

Apparently it's "the living end" (and with a review like the one I've quoted above, how could it be otherwise?)

So we canned Leatherheads and watched it instead. The whole thing (four hours). With chocolate on the side.

Now I am tired. But satiated.

And I recommend it.

(Although the only heaving bodice I saw was Mrs. Reed's as she death-rattled her way to kingdom come...)


Nama said...

this is just me, but give me jane austen ANYDAY over anything by the bronte sisters. i like to be happy & laugh & occassionally be sad & cry but ultimately feel like life is worth living. such as been the opposite experience i've had with anything bronte-produced.

p.s. the new masterpiece theater "sense & sensibility" was awesome! it's happy, dang it!

Lauren Davison said...

So... My blogs got deleted (accidentally and quite sorrowfully.) I'm in the process of trying to get my address back (even though it's deleted I can't use it), so for now I'm rebuilding. My personal blog is davisongoons.blogspot.com and my photography blog is davisonphoto.blogspot.com. Just wanted to let you know! :)

Anonymous said...

Meagan! I would love to see you! let me know what days you are coming in. We actually have some friends coming into town the end of this month too so you'll have to let me know which weekend it is so that we can hopefully at least have lunch or something! I would love to have you over! I can't wait to rent the movie....I'm sure Mike can though..haha

Erika said...

Since when did 24 become the new 30? Shoot.

Meridith said...

Bring on the unauthentic any day--I heart Panda Express.