Friday, March 21, 2008

"The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain." -Aristotle

You know that soreness you sometimes get after a good workout? The kind that's just a little bit painful, but strangely feels kind of good too, because it's proof you pushed your body just that little bit harder? Yeah, I have a little bit of that from our annual Intrepid snow day up at Daniel's Summit Lodge. It's awesome (:

Unfortunately, however, it's kind of overshadowed by the lotta bit painful soreness due to rolling my snowmobile in not-so-fresh powder. Oops.

So I may not be an Aristotle, but in the words of Brian Regan, "Good job, Einstein!"



Jessie said...

I heart Brian Regan.

Nama said...

i should try to avoid pain, too, i say as i sit on my couch with my foot elevated and a cold pack on it. and did i mention that it's blue? my foot. is blue.

aristotle, you are my new guru.

meagan, i feel your pain. literally, in some ways.

Annegirl said...

You rolled a snowmobile? Dang.