Wednesday, November 28, 2007

so I may or may not die this weekend.

I don't think I've talked a lot about my job, so allow me to enlighten you a bit. Please note, however, that it isn't always like this . . .

Once upon a time, there was the annual Intrepid golf-a-thon. I got a birdie and a sweet tat for my "skills":

As we were departing from the 9th hole (it was really just a quasi-golf-a-thon), one of my bosses mentioned that our next team "experience" would take place sometime in October or November in Midway. Details would follow.

Several months passed until one Monday morning in our 10 am-sharp staff meeting (it may have been closer to 11, or 12 ... but who's counting?), the bosses requested, nay demanded, that we ensure that the date of November 30th be open from dawn 'til dark (actually it's much longer--6 am to midnight) for the next "experience". They were so serious about the mandatory nature of this "experience" that availability for it was a determining factor in our new hire.

Now, there was a Kaiizen trip that weekend that I am now missing (and I am REALLY sad about it, by the way), but I figured it would probably be worth it, right?


They confirmed our booking for this "experience" in September, but they won't tell us ANYTHING about what we're doing or where we're going, only that we're going to be doing it for an INSANELY long time.

And don't think we're taking this lightly. Rumors have been flying around like crazy:

We're flying to Vegas/Wendover
We're going to a sporting event of some sort
We're going to some sort of insane wilderness survival camp
Or worse, we're doing some sort of team-building activity.

Every time the bosses go out, we gather together to postulate, theorize, and otherwise speculate on what we're getting ourselves into (or what the bosses are getting us into--should legal action be necessary in the future . . .)

Our only solid clues are:
Possible location: Midway (from the off-hand remark during quasi-golf-a-thon 2007)
Possible attire: Matching T-shirts and sweatshirts embroidered with the Intrepid logo (from an order I overheard our boss placing last week)

My thoughts:
Worst-case scenario: team-building competition with another equally matchy company.
Best-case scenario: Disneyland.

Oh, and I changed my mind. It is always like this in the office . . .


Annegirl said...

Elf Christmas card? You deserve it.

And I'll be starting MY new job as Enticement Distribution and Management Executive AFTER you get back.

I think.


Rissa and Jared said...

i love it! i really want to know what you guys end up doing so post ASAYGB (as soon as you get back). and good luck!

Tiff said...

When my family went to Disneyland we wore red and white striped shirts and jeans...think Where's Waldo.
LOVED the team-building.

So...where DO you work? ...and where did you end up living?

Meagan said...

Annie: Come on, there have to be limits somewhere ... right?

Rissa: Will do. The update is be at the office a 7 am sharp in jeans (non-designer) and comfortable shoes (non-stiletto) bearing a waterproof jacket and a valid drivers license...

Tiff: MY family loved to play Where's Waldo too! Love it (: I work at a public relations firm downtown called The Intrepid Group and I'm still commuting... BUT, I found a roommate and on Monday we really are looking at a couple places. One snowstorm was enough to light a fire under me (:

What about you? Where are you living now?

Tiff said...

I'm teaching in Orem, and live in Murray.

Erika said...

So I'm in total suspense. What did you end up doing?
And don't be dissin team building stuff. I LOVE it! There's nothing like meeting someone for the first time and having them shove you up a 30 foot tower. Hmm...30 strangers hands all up my butt right now. I feel so close to these people.
But the driver license thing is interesting. You need one of those to go skydiving. And I know that you can do that in Heber. And it's pretty cold so you would need an embroidered sweatshirt. My guess is skydiving.
I'll be waiting for the story.

brandon & brittany said...

what happened, what happened? was it Disneyland? (crossing fingers) ;)

Adriane said...

I know, I'm on the edge of my seat. You are still alive, right? RIGHT?!?

Annegirl said...


Meagan said...

Sorry! Life is kind of kicking my trash right now, but I downloaded the pictures, so I PROMISE to have the post ready tomorrow.

p.s. Yes, I am alive...

Adriane said...

Oh good. I was getting so worried!!