Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the anatomy of a morning routine (as deconstructed by my brain)

6:00 am - alarm rings. (Luckily my clock is set 9 minutes fast for situations just such as this. snooze.)
6:09 am - alarm rings. (I should get up if I want to shower and straighten my hair. snooze.)
6:18 am - alarm rings. (I can always wear my hair curly today. snooze)
6:27 am - alarm rings. (If I slick it back in a bun, I can do hot curlers tomorrow. snooze.)
6:36 am - alarm rings. (It's winter. No one will see my legs. I don't need to shave. snooze.)
6:45 am - alarm rings. (Sticking my head under the tap is just as good as a shower. snooze.)
6:54 am - alarm rings. (A spray bottle and some bobby pins will do the trick. snooze.)
7:03 am - alarm rings. (Forget the spray bottle. Wild curls are in. snooze.)
7:12 am - alarm rings. (Well, if I'm not going to bother doing my hair, I might as well get in a few more winks. snooze.)
7:21 am - alarm rings. (Okay, okay. I'm up, I'm up. snooze.)
7:30 am - alarm rings. (Crap.)


Annegirl said...

Hahaha! Oh! We have the same brain! "I should wash and style my hair today. ... Nope."
Perma ponytails rock, baby.

Annegirl said...

p.s. meaux IS in my cell phone. :p

Kimberly said...

Ha ha, I do the same thing, except it goes something like this...

6:00 -I'll just exercise for 45min instead of 1hr. Snooze.
6:09-6:15 -let alarm go, finally decide 1/2hr of exercise is plenty. Snooze.
6:24-6:30 -let alarm go forever. Decide I'll exercise after work. Snooze.
6:39-6:45 -Listen to whatever stupid song is on the radio when the alarm sounds, keep listening. Decide I'll shower tomorrow. Snooze...don't hear the alarm when it goes off again...
7:53 oh my gosh I have to leave for work 3 minutes ago! Ahhhh!

Adriane said...

*pout* My alarm clock doesn't turn off until I get off an feed it...not that I don't try...
"pacifiers are just as good as breakfast...I promise...just take it..."