Monday, March 26, 2007

I wouldn't be suprised if I got struck by lightning...

So last week I went out with one of my friends from freshman year who was in town for the week. We met up with Aaron, his old RA, and Aaron's wife, Emily for dessert at TGI Friday's. Aaron asked me if I was going to be in town this summer and said he wanted to set me up with his brother.

His brother is, and I quote, "Cute enough, but a little...odd."

Despite my excitement at the possibility of going out with such a catch, I'm not exactly a fan of blind dates, so I politely declined despite numerous attempts to get me to change my mind.

I ran into Aaron today on campus and he again asked me if he could give my number to his brother.

I said no.

He said please.

I said no.

He said pretty please.

I said no.

He said, "With my brother's luck, you'll probably be dating someone by the time he calls you."


I gave him my number.

But before you judge, just remember that it wasn't me who said, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

Let's just hope that applies to fried eggs as well...


Adriane said...

Well, if Aaron thinks he's odd, it might actually be a GOOD thing! I mean REALLY. Uh...I meant that in the nicest way possible.

AnneGirl said...

Oh Meaggie. :)

Worst case senario, it'll make a good story. One for the volumes...

And remember, for all the rain you track through (yes, track), the hotter your husband will be. Or at least the happier you'll be when you find him.

Nama said...

ooooh nooo....

well, look at the bright side! you now have an excuse to get all dolled up & really cute & hot for a night and then have the wonderful experience of marking his number in your phone as a "do not pick up, crazy!" number.

ahhh...good times.