Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bowling for Turkeys

It started out as an innocent enough thought: What about the cranberry sauce?

And grew into a full-fledged fear: WHAT ABOUT THE CRANBERRY SAUCE?!?

Which led to an innocent enough suggestion: How about I make the cranberry sauce?

And soon devolved into full-fledged terror: HOW ABOUT I MAKE THANKSGIVING DINNER?!?

And produced an innocent enough fact: I don't know how to cook.

That was shouted from the rooftops: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK!!!

That was ignored. IGNORED!

Oh well. At least the cranberry sauce turned out*:

*This is how it really looked**
**Minus the green stuff***
***Not an exaggeration

And don't worry, my newfound cooking skills are totally effecting my coordination skills in a positive way. Not only did I (almost) strike out with the gravy and stuffing (curse you store-bought stuff), but I totally caught a touchdown in the Turkey Bowl*:

*This is how it really looked**
**Minus the bandana and short shorts***
***And with mean, cleat-wearing boys****
****Not a (blatant) exaggeration


AnneGirl said...

When I first saw you in 7th grade, I innocently thought, "She looks cool."
But then I feared, "What if she won't like me?"
Because I had these really BIG 90s bangs. Not an exaggeration.
And then, 8 years later, we were roommates. And you started an awesome blog. And my life has never been the same.

Adriane said...

Congratulations on the sauce, M-sauce! AND on the schwarmas--did I spell that right? I think you should cook stuff for me every day! Then you could become a star football player too. Sigh. But watch out for mean, cleat-wearing boys.