Tuesday, October 18, 2005

shuffle, shuffle, cough, cough

Once I was having this really, REALLY self-conscious day and I thought: I need some friends.

So does anybody wanna play with me on Friday? Our ward is helping with a multi-stake Halloween Party/Dance that I really wanna go to, but not alone.

And also, what about next weekend? Taylor and I were thinking about having a Halloween Party on Friday like the old days with whoever wants to come? Sound interesting?

And can I have a hug?

Thats all.


Jon said...

Meagan, in answer to your question on Maria's blog, that's wher MY blog went, the toilet flush of self-consciousness. Its absence is only temporary though. I'm already working on my new piece, "Ode to Dishwasher," which may or may not give me even more reason to feel self-conscious.

AnneGirl said...



Adriane said...

I heart you like CRAZY!!! I also heart dances and playing with you and partays just like the good ole days. DANG!!! I was going to leave a note on your car yesterday, but I didn't have any paper with me. Alas.

Adriane said...

Dear Meagan,
When are you going to the multi-Stake dance, and can I come too? I may be playing football at five unless we are going really early, then I will skip football. You are all invited to play if you'd like, but I don't know where...shoot. Give me a call.

Also, MY stake is having a stake Halloween party the following night, with "dancing, food, games, and spooky activities." It promises to have EXCELLENT decorations, provided in part by the 2nd ward. It starts at 8 and is at the Stake Center right by Provo Town Center on 5th West. Please do come, since I have to! =P

Meagan said...

Dear Adriane,

You need a message board at your apartment! I called you with someting funny! Jessie Lin called me and someone called her that she thought was you and told her I was getting married? Er... (She might come tonight!) Tomorrow sounds fun too!

Dear Everyone,

The party starts at 7:30, but we can go later-- and we should find costumes! Anyone who wants to come should call me and we'll make a plan!

Jon said...

Meagan's getting married! Spread the word!

AnneGirl said...

Jon, you crack me up.

Maria said...

Meagan- i'm sorry i did not play with you this weekend... And I hope that you are having an extreemely confident day! cause you are amazing... marvelous... kind... giving... generous... adorable... smart... beautiful... intelligent... courageous... joyful... wise... astoundng... reasonable... dedicated... faithful... cute... fun... hardworking... wonderful... fantastic... incredible... gorgeous... stunning... sweet... delightful... charming... elegant... neat... stylish... aimiable... charismatic... amusing... clever... extrodinary... simply incredible!

Adriane said...

good one of you! Way to be reasonable! ;)

Tiff said...

Ok, Jon's comment made me scroll up.

Um, I'll play with you if you fly out to DC. :)

Jon said...

AHAH! I GOT one!