Monday, April 04, 2005

I come away perplexed

Can an entire day be ambiguous?

When I went to work today, my sister asked me how I was; I responded "I am..." and was at a genuine loss as to how to complete that sentence.

I woke up early today! At 7 am! Then I showered and put in contacts, which I haven't done in a week. (Put in contacts that is, I'm not a complete Neanderthal)

However, I "accidentally" got back into bed and promptly fell asleep until 11 am. I woke up after having missed two classes still wearing my towel turban.

So how do I describe my morning? Quasi-successful?

Then, I went to my last three classes. The first one had a sign on the door that class was cancelled. Sweet. In my last class we talked about the process of electing a new Pope. Is it bad that I relied on The Da Vinci Code to answer the questions?

So then I came home. When I got to the crosswalk, I thought of Tiffany's blog on "stopping traffic"--but then I pushed the button and the flashing hand STOPPED and turned back to the walk sign!!


Then I went to the Distribution Center and bought Preach My Gospel along with about 20 million other Richard G. Scott fans. That was pretty cool.

Traffic was another story.

So there I was, trying to answer my sister.

Know what I did? I just ended there. I said "I am."

And discovered that it was a pretty good place to be if you have to tree-diagram your emotions.

Oh, to be an English major...


Maria said...

Such a curious matter have I never before heard of...a tree diagraming the emotions conveyed within yourself in the approx. twenty-four hour period! That truly would warrent time to look upon with awe...

Adriane said...

I hear you girlfriend! Congratulations for solving the problem! "I am..." It's so deep on so may levels!

Erika said...

What if you aren't "am." What if you are non-existant for the day. My brain is no longer residing in my head so what do I tell people? Oh yeah, I say "so good".

Tiff said...

Doug was making fun of me in class today when someone asked where I was he said "physically she's right there, don't ask mentally though." I would have disagreed but it's very true.

Jon said...

Then why would you have disagreed?

Adriane said...

You've just gotsta disagree! extra-specially if it's true!