Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mix 'n match

So, this one time I'm moving to London in five days. And I'm still struggling with that whole "packing" concept. Leaving all my books behind is bad enough, but narrowing down my clothing options is a close second on the masochistic packer scale.

My mom says I should employ the mix 'n match technique where at least a dozen different outfits can be created using only two pieces of material, five safety pins, and an upholstery stapler.

Well, ever since I and a note to my mother were stapled together by my first grade teacher, I've avoided that contraption as much as is humanly possible. And my current wardrobe isn't exactly London city streets appropriate either. And my process of elimination is somehow adding more clothes to my "must-have" pile.

So something like this is looking more and more appealing:

Lauren and I passed this store while joyriding in Iowa one night this summer. We thought it was so funny.

Now I'm wishing I'd had the sense to stock up while I had the chance.

After all, mixed polyester is at least one step up from sweats, right?


Holly said...

Hold UP!!! YOU are moving to London?!?! What the heck. I obviously need lots more info. Where exactly, when exactly, for how long, and with whom?!?! I am so thrilled for you- and yes. I will be your room-mate. :)

That picture is too funny for words. The big question... How many did you get? :P

MISS you!

Lauren Davison said...

:) Ew yuck! Hahaha. How bout you staple your clothes to me and stick me in your suitcase?

Lauren's blog said...

I can't believe you're moving in FIVE days!! How exciting! And I say you just buy a new wardrobe while in London :)

Annegirl said...

Shoot, who needs a suitcase? Buy it there. Buy it all there. You'll be 5 years ahead of us when you get back.

Plus also, what's wrong with stapling your clothes? =)

Macie said...

That store is hilariously amusing and somewhat disturbing all at the same time! Good luck with packing. I have the hardest time narrowing down clothig choices!

engquist said...

I agree with Anne. Three words: H. And. M. Need I say more? A pair of jeans and a scarf should tide you over for awhile.

The books? I offer no advice for. I'm heading home this weekend and snatching up more of the ones I left behind. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Lol! I hope you came with some good options that don't involve a stapler. Hope your flight went well today!