Wednesday, December 17, 2008

let's talk turkey

i had a turkey sandwich for lunch today. it was delicious. it also reminded me of something i meant to tell you after thanksgiving. my family is weird. i cooked a turkey the week of thanksgiving. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, meagan, your family is not weird. you are weird. it was thanksgiving. of course you cooked a turkey. to you i say no, you're right. let me rephrase. i cooked a turkey on the tuesday of thanksgiving week. we weren't having an early thanksgiving. we didn't even eat the turkey. we just put it in the fridge when it was done cooking. weird, huh? see, i told you so.

we go to colorado pretty much every year for thanksgiving. every year has its traditions. and every year has its surprises. for instance, three years ago my grandma forgot to cook the turkey. then she remembered. only it was too late to cook it in time for dinner. so she decided to cook it in the pressure cooker. she said it was faster. the pressure cooker took two days to cook the turkey. my grandma called to tell us it was done. we were in green river by then. we were sad. my dad drove through KFC. greasy chicken only made us sadder. weird, huh? see, i told you so.

now we have a new tradition. my dad buys a turkey. we cook it before we go. then we make turkey sandwiches to eat on the drive out. plus we have leftovers when we come home. problem solved. only my grandpa hid the pressure cooker. and now he cooks the turkey. so there's always turkey. yet still i cooked the turkey. weird, huh? see, i told you so. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking meagan, you're full of baloney.

to you i say no. i'm full of turkey.


katie said...

My family always cooks an extra turkey for leftover turkey sandwiches. And they're delicious. It's ok to be weird.

Macie said...

How do you forget the turkey?

Adriane said...

We always cook an extra turkey too! We were meant to be BFsF.