Thursday, June 15, 2006

And to think that I saw it on 800 North (in Provo)

Listen my children and you will hear,
Of what to my wondering eyes should have appeared,
Four score and seven years ago.

The time has passed for fast-paced horses,
So hanging Christmas-colored traffic lights should be obvious of courses.
It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

On my midnight rides in Orem town,
It's not chimneys I've seen explosions and fistfights going down.
It's lucky I did not not perish from the earth.

But Provo, wrapped in silence so deep and still,
Not a car was stirring, until,
It was discovered that not all roads are created equal.


On the 800 North traffic tower as a signal light,
It flashed away! flashed away! a turn other than right!
A fitting tribute to people who have thus far so nobly advanced.


AnneGirl said...

Meagan! Well done. :)

As for the light...there I wait, anxiously, day after day yearning to embrace my new birth of freedom, and still I have yet to see the traffic signal conceived in Liberty blinking in my favor! ARG! It taunts me so!

Nama said...


Adriane said...

It's a beautiful thing. The worst though, is when the person in front of you doesn't realize it's there, and they just SIT there. I tantalizing greenness beckons, and they merely sit. Then I have to HONK and squeak through on a yellow. Sigh.

AnneGirl said...

It worked it worked it worked!!!! Today is going to be a BEA-U-ti-ful day!!

AnneGirl said...

Do you know, that was going to be my "Good News Moment" in RS until someone announced they had gotten engaged over the weekend. Then it somehow didn't quite seem like the moment to share. Foiled again.

The one, and ONLY time the signal light has ever worked for me.

Erika said...

I wanted that thing all my college days. Now I live south of that light and don't need to turn there. Sometimes I get the urge just to do it. Stick it to the man.